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What are Cinemabooks?

Shooting a movie takes years of pre-production, followed by a very expensive and unpredictable filming process, add re-shoots and post production delays and what you get is a finished product with unpredictable financial results.  Cinemabooks fixes all of that by brining your favorite stories to life in a controlled environment. Stories that perhaps would never see the light of day but yet are incredibly engaging. 


Right now, they are just there, on your bookshelf waiting to be told. 

By creating a visual audiobook you will be able to see all the amazing places and characters the author describes in each page, you'll be able to hear a leaf falling or a gun firing through precise sound design while an impactful voice over guides you through the story. 

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Creating a new form of media takes time and funds. We'll self finance an original Cinemabook to serve as a pilot concept. We'll deploy different story telling devices to test every aspect of pre production, every hurdle in production and ultimately the final cost of finishing for each chapter. 



We'll adapt public domain books like The Great Gatsby and An American Tragedy to a Cineamabook format. We'll add more characters and different story telling devices to push the concept of visual audiobooks to create a more dynamic and immersive experience.

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Once we have three to five Cinemabooks published, we'll secure a Pre Seed investment to elevate the production, acquire high-end talent and source the finishing process to a post production house.  


At the same time we'll begin development on a streaming platform and deploy a marketing plan to funnel viewers to a subscription based service while also creating a partnership division to team up with brands like Beats and Sonos.  

The partnership division will also connect with book publishers, authors, educational institutions and other possible sources of content acquisition to be converted into a Cinemabook format.




Once a Cinemabooks chapter goes live, we'll partner with digital artists to create an NFT linked to a chapter's story line. We'll have the ability to drop easter eggs throughout a season. 

This will allow users to buy or trade Cinemabooks to build their collection.


AR/VR and Series A

With Augmented and Virtual Reality around the corner, Cinemabooks will evolve to capture each novel with 3D cameras and immersive audio compatible with Apple glass, Meta Quest, and other AR/VR experiences.


Imagine having Matthew Mcconaughey reading a Kerouac novel in your living room. That's where the future of technology is going, and we plan to craft it. 

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